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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 299 - Weekly Newsletter

Good Morning Everybody!

2013 is trekking right along, we are already half-way through February! Remember this one simple fact, time does not wait for you. If you do not make a choice NOW to get fit and healthy, your opportunities will pass you by...

How is everyone making out with your health/fitness goals? Personally, I just finished up my 6th round of the Body Beast's Bulk Phase, which means I have 1 more round of each workout before I head into the Beast Phase. The Beast Phase is about calorie reduction and body fat cutting. I have been very happy with the program so far, with a good amount of weight gain (just under 14 pounds total since I started).

If you haven't been following along already, I have been re-posting my "Resistance Training 7 Step Approach" series on my blog. As of this morning, we are on step 4.

I have been getting some great feedback from many of you, so keep up your stories of inspiration and motivation. A lot of people don't realize this, but I am tremendously motivated by so many of you. The fact that we are all in this together, pushing forward, is incredibly motivating!

I have some great blogs coming up in the near future. Friday is my 300th straight blog, so stay tuned for that one! After that, I will be posting my weight progression from each of the Bulk workouts in Body Beast. I will also have a few blogs detailing my diet and what supplements I am taking throughout Body Beast. On top of all of that, I will of course be completing my Resistance Training 7 Step Approach series.

For those interested, don't forget that you can Request a FREE Shakeology Sample from me. Please remember that I take the time and money out of my own pocket to send these samples out ($5-7/sample based on where you live) so I am more than happy to send you one, but please only ask if you are serious about changing your health with Shakeology.

Speaking of that, there are still a number of you who have not reported back to me letting me know that either: a) you have received your sample, or b) you have received your sample, but haven't tried it yet. Please keep me updated so that if for some reason you haven't received your sample, I can send you another one (if interested).

Other than that, I hope everyone has a great week, I will leave you with my blogs from the past week:

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Tyler Robbins

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