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Monday, April 22, 2013

I've Moved!

Well, it has been a blast planning, writing, and coordinating my blogs here on Blogger, but the time has come for me to officially move my blog over to my official website Tyler Robbins Fitness.

My website host gives me far more controls and interactive qualities to make my blog a success, so from now on, all of my posts will be published from there. Thanks for your understanding!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 365 - A Year's Worth of Blogs!

Well, a year ago today, I set out with this crazy goal/mission to post a blog every single day for 365 straight days. Today, marks the successful completion of said goal with my 365th straight blog!

In my opinion, one of the best parts about writing a blog, is that I now have an amazing library of resourceful information to share with all of you. What's even better than that? I have listed the past 365 days' worth of blogs here in today's blog to allow all of you to scan through the list and maybe discover any blogs that you may have missed over the past year, or re-located blogs that have been useful to you in the past. Feel free to share this list with anyone you wish, as I am sure there is something useful in this list for everybody, enjoy!
1. The Beginning
2. Small Changes Add Up
3. Success
4. Think Like and Athlete
5. Sustainable Living
6. Muscular Endurance and Athletic Performance
7. Routine Maintenance
8. Exercise Myth
9. Adjust Your Lifestyle
10. Make it Part of Your Daily Routine

11. Dynamic Stretching for Performance
12. Exercise Myth
13. It's Never Too Late
14. Recovery from Blood Donation
15. Don't Forget About Your Sleep
16. Change Things Up
17. Drug Party
18. Foam Rolling Advice
19. Enjoy the Journey (Because you can!)
20. "You're gonna have a bad time!"

21. Dare to be Great
22. Stretch to Succeed
23. Warrior Training Progress: End of Phase 1
24. Use Your Caboose
25. Meal Timing
26. Water is a "First World Problem"
27. Tyler's Book Club
28. Motivation Saturday
29. Water Myth
30. Exercise When Sick?

31. How do you feel?
32. Train With a Purpose!
33. Post-Activation Potentiation Question
34. Fitness Fallacy
35. Motivation Saturday
36. Go Fast and Then Go Home
37. Is "Junk Food" really cheaper than "Healthy Food"?
38. Warrior Training Revised...Again!
39. Genetics Count
40. "All Natural"

41. Breathing Tip While Running
42. Motivation Saturday
43. Not All Calories are Created Equal
44. Exercise...But not Too Much
45. Your Brain on Sugar
46. Tyler's Book Club: Speed Trap
47. Pull-up Question
48. Insanity Asylum Preparation
49. Motivation Saturday
50. Build Muscle, Lower Body Fat

51. The Ongoing Battle with Liquid Calories
52. Warrior Training Revised: Part 3
53. Warrior Training End of Phase 2
54. Diet vs. Exercise Part 1: Weight Loss
55. Diet vs. Exercise Part 2: Increase Energy Levels
56. Motivation Saturday
57. Fitness vs. Training
58. Diet vs. Exercise Part 3: Reduce Heart Disease Risk
59. Diet vs. Exercise Part 4: Diabetes
60. Diet vs. Exercise Part 5: Improve Mood

61. Diet vs. Exercise Part 6: Injury Prevention
62. Diet vs. Exercise Part 7: Cancer Prevention
63. Motivation Saturday
64. Diet vs. Exercise: And the Winner Is...
65. Tyler's Book Club: Born to Run
66. Overcoming Disadvantages
67. Work Around an Injury
68. Pull-ups/Lat-Pulldown Hand Positions
69. Shoe Selection for Insanity Asylum
70. Motivation Saturday

71. Compete with Yourself
72. Resistance Training for Runners
73. Sign of Overtraining
74. Michael Phelps' Super Jammies
75. More on Barefoot Running
76. 10 Tips for Fat Loss
77. Motivation Saturday
78. 10 MORE Tips for Fat Loss
79. Effects of Self-Selected Music on Strength, Explosiveness, and Mood
80. Muscle Loss

81. You are What you Eat
82. Grow Younger Every Day Step 1: Exercise
83. Grow Younger Every Day Step 2: Eat Naturally
84. Motivational Saturday
85. Warrior Training End of Phase 3: Performance Phase
86. Grow Younger Every Day Step 3: Believe in Yourself!
87. Grow Younger Every Day Step 4: Enjoy What You Do
88. Grow Younger Every Day Step 5: Exercise with Purpose
89. Grow Younger Every Day Step 6: Spend Less Than You Make
90. Grow Younger Every Day Step 7: Diet Flexibility

91. Motivation Saturday: Warrior Dash
92. Warrior Dash 2012
93. Tough Mudder Training
94. Grow Younger Every Day Step 8: One Size Does NOT Fit All
95. Grow Younger Every Day Step 9: Yin and Yang - Exercise and Recovery
96. Grow Younger Every Day Step 10: Sleep
97. Grow Younger Every Day Step 11: Be Honest with Yourself
98. Motivation Saturday
99. Grow Younger Every Day Step 12: Failure is not Final
100. My Top 10 Blogs

101. Grow Younger Every Day Step 13: Consistency
102. Grow Younger Every Day Step 14: Stop Worrying
103. Grow Younger Every Day Summary
104. Distinction in Diet vs. Exercise
105. Motivation Saturday
106. My Current Fitness Progress
107. Ego Check
108. Coconut Water
109. Your Guide to Sets and Reps (Recovery time too!)
110. Walking is Only the First Step!

111. Nutrient Timing for Resistance Exercise Part 1
112. Motivation Saturday
113. Shutting Things Down
114. Nutrient Timing for Resistance Exercise Part 2
115. Nutrient Timing for Resistance Exercise Part 3
116. Tough Mudder Toronto Course Map
117. Google Maps Pedometer
118. Tough Mudder Training Final
119. Motivation Saturday
120. Do you take a pre-workout supplement?

121. Tough Mudder Toronto/Barrie Synopsis
122. Tough Mudder Tactics: Kiss of Mud
123. My Future Plans
124. Tough Mudder Tactics: Arctic Enema
125. Tough Mudder Tactics: Berlin Walls
126. Motivation Saturday
127. Tough Mudder Tactics: Underwater Tunnels
128. Vibram Five Fingers KSO Review
129. Tough Mudder Tactics: Cliff Hanger
130. Tough Mudder Tactics: Hangin' Tough

131. World's Toughest Mudder
132. Tough Mudder Tactics: Mud Mile
133. Motivation Saturday
134. World's Toughest Mudder...Let's Do It!
135. Tough Mudder Tactics: Spider's Web
136. Tough Mudder Tactics: Trench Warfare
137. World's Toughest Mudder and Other News Vlog
138. Tough Mudder Tactics: Walk the Plank
139. WTM Article in Local Newspaper
140. Motivation Saturday

141. World's Toughest Mudder Training Schedule
142. This Year's Birthday Challenge
143. Tough Mudder Tactics: Boa Constrictor
144. Tough Mudder Tactics: Funkey Monkey
145. Type 3 Diabetes?
146. Tough Mudder Tactics: Electric Eel
147. Motivation Saturday
148. World's Toughest Mudder Training Follow-Up
149. Tough Mudder Tactics: Log Jammin'
150. Tough Mudder Tactics: Greased Lightning

151. Tough Mudder Tactics: Hold Your Wood
152. Tough Mudder Tactics: Everest
153. Tough Mudder Tactics: Electroshock Therapy
154. Motivation Saturday
155. World's Toughest Mudder Training Day 1 and Other News
156. Giving Thanks!
157. Sore, Tired, and Hungry
158. Canadian Beachbody Coaching Opportunity
159. Canadian Beachbody Coaching Opportunity Written
160. World's Toughest Mudder Training Week 1

161. Motivation Saturday
162. We're Moving
163. Beachbody Coaching
164. I Want YOUR Transformation Story
165. New Website
166. Challenge Pack Promotion
167. World's Toughest Mudder Training Week 2
168. Motivation Saturday
169. Erin's Transformation
170. Asylum 2 Preorders

171. Asylum 2 Details
172. Challenge Group 2013: Team Fitness for Life
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175. Motivation Saturday
176. World's Toughest Mudder Training Week 3
177. Costs of Being a Beachbody Coach
178. The Cost of Home Workout Programs
179. Asylum 2 Giveaway Contest (and other stuff too!)
180. Weekly Newsletter

181. Stay in Shape Rather Than GET in Shape
182. Motivation Saturday
183. Motivation
184. World's Toughest Mudder Training Week 4 (Recovery Week)
185. Resistance Training
186. Beachbody Challenge Pack Promotion
187. Shakeology First Tasting
188. Weekly Newsletter
189. Motivation Saturday
190. World's Toughest Mudder Training Week 5

191. World's Toughest Mudder Equipment/Gear
192. Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity?
193. Plateau
194. Weekly Newsletter
195. Long Distance Running Tips
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201.Weekly Newsletter
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203. Motivational Saturday
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247. Body Beast Day 3 - Build: Back/Bis
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250. Weekly Newsletter

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257. Weekly Newsletter
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260. Body Beast Days 12-15

261. Body Beast Build: Chest/Tris "Build Phase" Progress
262. Tyler's Workout Music Part 3
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266. Motivation Saturday: Pumping Iron
267. Body Beast Day 22 - Bulk: Chest
268. Body Beast Day 23 - Bulk: Legs
269. Body Beast Day 24 - Bulk: Back
270. Body Beast Day 25 - Bulk: Arms

271. Weekly Newsletter
272. Body Beast Day 26 - Bulk: Shoulders
273. Motivation Saturday
274. Body Beast Build: Back/Bis "Build Phase" Progress
275. Body Beast Days 28-32
276. Body Beast Build: Shoulders "Build Phase" Progress
277. Body Beast Build: Chest/Tris Complete Review
278. Weekly Newsletter
279. Body Beast Build: Legs Complete Review
280. Motivation Saturday

281. Body Beast Days 34-38
282. Cross Training and Periodization
283. Training Principles
284. Body Beast Build: Back and Bis Complete Review
285. Weekly Newsletter
286. Body Beast and Hypertrophy
287. Motivation Saturday
288. Body Beast and Athleticism
289. Weight Selection in Body Beast
290. Body Beast Days 40-44

291. Resistance Training 7 Step Approach - Step 1: Needs Analysis
292. Weekly Newsletter
293. Resistance Training 7 Step Approach - Step 2: Exercise Selection
294. Motivation Saturday
295. Body Beast Build: Shoulders Complete Review
296. Body Beast Days 46-50
297.  Resistance Training 7 Step Approach Step 3 - Training Frequency
298. Resistance Training 7 Step Approach - Step 4: Exercise Order
299. Weekly Newsletter
300. Top 10 Blogs/Vlogs

301. Motivation Saturday
302. Body Beast Days 52-56
303. Resistance Training 7 Step Approach - Step 5: Training Load and Repetitions
304. Resistance Training 7 Step Approach - Step 6: Volume
305. Resistance Training 7 Step Approach - Step 7: Rest Periods
306. Weekly Newsletter
307. Body Beast Days 58-62
308. Motivation Saturday
309. Body Beast Bulk: Chest "Bulk Phase" Progress
310. Body Beast Bulk: Legs "Bulk Phase" Progress

311. Body Beast Bulk: Back "Bulk Phase" Progress
312. Body Beast Bulk: Arms "Bulk Phase" Progress
313. Weekly Newsletter
314. Body Beast Bulk: Shoulders "Bulk Phase" Progress
315. Motivation Saturday
316. Body Beast Days 64-70
317. My Diet Through Body Beast Part 1: Build and Bulk Diet
318. Body Beast Bulk: Chest Review
319. D.O.M.S.
320. Weekly Newsletter

321. My Diet Through Body Beast Part 2: Supplements
322. Motivation Saturday
323. Body Beast Bulk: Legs Review
324. Tough Mudder Training 2013
325. Body Beast Final Results
326. My Diet Through Body Beast Part 3: Beast Diet
327. Weekly Newsletter
328. Plyometric Program Design
329. Motivation Saturday
330. Plyometric Mechanics and Physiology

331. Plyometric Age Considerations
332. LIVE Beachbody Event Featuring Shaun T
333. Muscles Remember Past Glory
334. Weekly Newsletter
335. Why I Love Beachbody Coaching
336. Motivation Saturday
337. Plyometric Safety Considerations
338. Movement Mechanics
339. Calories
340. Running Speed

341. Weekly Newsletter
342. Agility
343. Motivation Saturday
344. Liquid Calories
345. 1 Million Youtube Views!
346. Methods of Developing Speed and Agility
347. Speed and Agility Program Design
348. Weekly Newsletter
349. The Truth Behind Calorie Labels
350. Motivation Saturday

351. P90X2 Chest, Back, and Balance Latest Numbers
352. My Unusual Heart
353. Body Beast Bulk Back Review
354. P90X2 Base and Back Latest Numbers
355. Weekly Newsletter
356. I'm going to Beachbody Coach Summit 2013!
357. Motivation Saturday
358. Aerobic Endurance Performance Factors
359. Designing an Aerobic Endurance Program
360. Types of Aerobic Endurance Training Programs

361. Stepping Back into the BEAST!
362. Weekly Newsletter
363. Periodization
364. Motivation Saturday
Quote of the day:
“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”
- Walt Disney

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 364 - Motivation Saturday

I have always been fascinated by human performance. One of the most fascinating humans I have ever come across is Usain Bolt. The sheer power and speed this guy has is just jaw-dropping. I always enjoy videos that showcase his skills. Enjoy!

Quote of the day:
"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
~ C.S. Lewis

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 363 - Periodization

Traditional periodization models are broken down into cycles. Macrocycles are the largest and usually involve an entire sport year, but can last up to 4 years for an Olympic athlete for example. Macrocycles are made up of 2 or more mesocycles which can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. Going further beyond that, mesocycles are broken up into microcycles which are usually a week long but can be as long as 4 weeks each.

To properly train any athlete, a well-structured training program will consist of both sport-specific training as well as strength and conditioning training. The emphasis placed on either training modality is entirely based on where the individual stands in not only their sport season, but also in their physical conditioning. Periodization involves shifting from non-sport specific training (strength and conditioning), that is of high volume and low intensity to low volume, high intensity sport-specific activities. This shift will occur over a period of many weeks to prevent overtraining and optimize performance.

The following image will detail the periodization periods

Preparatory Period

The preparatory period is the longest period and usually occurs at the time of year furthest from time of competition. This is the time for the athlete to establish a base level of fitness in order to build and grow from there. Slow, long distance running, light plyometrics, low resistance, high-repetition resistance training is all needed and utilized to begin conditioning.

When the preparatory period first begins and the training loads are high (long distance running/swimming, high repetition resistance training), the strength and conditioning sessions take a longer period of time, which leads to fatigued athletes that have little time for sport-specific training. As the preparatory period nears the end, the microcycles begin to change to lower the work volume, increase intensity (resistance loads), and increase sport-specific training.

The goals early on in the preparatory period should be to improve muscular endurance and hypertrophy. This goal is in place to increase the efficiency and size of the muscles so that they can then be honed and trained later. To train your muscles for endurance and hypertrophy, the individual should aim for 50-75% of their 1 rep maximum (1RM) which should result in a 10-20 repetition range. The hypertrophy/endurance phase should last anywhere between 1-6 weeks and then a low-intensity recovery week before transitioning into a basic strength phase.

Now that the individual has increased their muscular size and efficiency, the basic strength phase is designed to do just what it says and improve the overall strength of said muscles. The basic strength phase involves high intensity (80-90% 1RM) and moderate volume of 3-5 sets of 4-8 repetitions.

After the basic strength phase, the athlete can then transition into the strength/power phase. This is where high loads and low volumes are introduced to maximize the explosiveness and power in the muscles. The strength/power phase involves high intensity (75-95% 1RM) and low volume of 3-5 sets of 2-5 repetitions.

First Transition Period

A very short period, the transition period is designed to allow the body to heal and recover with one week of lower intensity, lower volume, or a combination of the two to prepare the athlete for the competition period.

Competition Period

Competition periods can last for a week to several weeks, although most athletes have a sport or competition season that can last for many months. During this time, the goal of the individual is to maintain their current strength and conditioning levels by continuing to train with high intensities, but greatly reduced volumes. Especially important during this time is that the sport-specific skills are honed and trained in order to "cash-in" on the training that has been completed in the preparatory period.

Another main goal of the athlete is to ensure that their strength and conditioning peaks during competition so that they maximize the return from the efforts they have put into their training up until this point.

Second Transition Period (Active Rest)

During this period, the goal of the athlete is to allow their bodies to rest and recover from a lengthy "peak" period during their competition season. Various light to moderate activities can be practiced as long as the body is not stressed or strained too hard. It is entirely possible for the individual to not have any resistance training at all.

Quote of the day:
"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still."
~ Chinese Proverb

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